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Information Processing Brain

In a modern day environment, we are constantly bombarded with a new information and loaded with sensory input, in order to face new demands, deal with more stresses and pressures. Our brains are not adapted (yet) to process such a large amounts of data, and it can be overwhelming and disturbing, making it difficult to remember things, to make the right choices, to buy the right products… While many tasks can now be transferred to our computers and smartphones, offloading many tasks into an...

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Key to our Memory

Memories are interesting things. They are things we try to forget. They are also things we try to hold on to. They are things that define us. They are things that motivate us to do well. They are also things that limit us. Most people believe that our memories are accurate, but science is proving that they change over time, and what is even more interesting – once we change our memories, beliefs or perceptions, it will be nearly impossible to recollect that at some point in the past we held a ...

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Change your body, change your mind: How our posture affects emotional, physical and mental wellbeing

We all know very well that our internal emotional state is reflected in our body language. We are social beings who are able to pick up most of those subtle signals and read it intuitively without giving much thought to it. If we see someone who has a closed-up body, with their chin tucked down, sitting with legs curled up where possible, and wrapping their hands around themselves as if to give some extra care and protection, we will easily tell that they are sad or depressed. In contrast, someo...

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Quantum Therapy

I have always been fascinated by quantum physics – probably because it challenges all conventional laws of reality and questions our rational ways of thinking, (and I am not the one who likes to follow all the rules). This is a relatively new discipline, dating back to only 1900. Quantum level is the smallest unit of matter detected in the universe so far, and huge solenoid magnets are used to measure those quantum particles. However, observations of hectic behavior of quantum particles pro...

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Your Life Journey

          Imagine one day you have to travel some fair distance to an unknown place where you are sent for some important work meeting. The day before your boss called you into his office, saying: ‘Tomorrow you have to go to the important meeting, that’s the location and the time you have to be there – off you go!’’. Would you be ready to leave his office at that point? Or would you have some unanswered questions? What kind of meeting that is and w...

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