Weekend Yoga Retreat with Julie Potter
St Katherine's, Parmoor, 8-10th September 2017

The relaxed, but informative yoga retreat in a peaceful, tranquil environment - rejuvenation for your body and soul!

It is open for students of all abilities, and you will have an opportunity to explore various aspects of asana, breathing and relaxation. There will also be time for socialising, exploring beautiful grounds, reading in one of the two stunning libraries, or even treating yourself to a massage or spa facial!

The timetable will include an introductory meeting and relaxation class on Friday evening following dinner.
Saturday will offer three yoga/relaxation classes (early morning, mid-morning and early evening).
Sunday will offer two yoga/relaxation classes and a wrap-up yoga session on Sunday afternoon

St. Katharine’s will be open to students from 4.00pm on Friday to 4.00pm on Sunday.

More information and bookings HERE.
St. Katharine’s, Parmoor, Frieth, Henley-on-Thames, RG9 6NN

Venue information and directions:

The cost for the weekend is £340 per person. This includes:

• Single accommodation in twin/double rooms with ensuite shower rooms (a reduced rate applies if you wish to share with a friend)

• One relaxation class on Friday evening, three yoga/relaxation classes on Saturday and Sunday

• Dinner on Friday, three meals on Saturday, breakfast and lunch on Sunday; morning coffee & biscuits and afternoon tea & cake on Saturday and Sunday.

This retreat is organised by Julie Potter.
You can email her on
Call Julie on 07828 132 091
STRESS: from Destruction to Development
Workshop to help you to build Emotional Resilience to Stress, 24th September 2017
- Do you often find yourself Stressed, Anxious and Overwhelmed?
- Do you feel a lack of Emotional Resilience is sabotaging your success?

Then this course is for you!

Our success often depends on our ability to cope with stress, as well as resilience to external pressures and unexpected changes. This course will show you how to do that, so you can create more control in your working environment, better balance and well-being in your life.

The content of this workshop is built on the research of Evolutionary Neuroscience, so you can learn what stress really is, and how to minimise its negative effects.
  • You will learn some simple Breathing Techniques to instantly shift your state from stress to relaxed presence.
  • You will discover how to utilise your Physical Posture to turn stress from negative, to positive energy.
  • I will help you to create more Positive and Resilient Mindset so that you can better deal with whatever life throws at you!

You will also learn many practical tips you can easily implement into your everyday life to ensure better health and well-being.

So if you are often stressed or anxious about things that are out of your control, this workshop will equip you with practical skills to cope and be in control of the situation, rather than allowing the situation to control you! 

Reserve your place HERE.

DeVere, WestOne, London
9-10 Portland Pl, Marylebone, London W1B 1PR

Venue information and Directions HERE.

The cost of this one-day workshop is  £50 per person, or £75 for two people (2nd ticket half price). 
Places are limited to only 30 seats and are expected to fill up quickly - you can reserve your place today for £1 only!


MindBoost - Intensive weekend worshop for people in business - 7-8th October, 2017
Boost Your Mental Performance, Increase Productivity, and Achieve Your Goals

The workshop is held at the business centre of Sir Christopher Wren Hotel and Spa in Windsor, Thames Street, SL4 1PX.
For map and directions click here.

Corporate Services
This course and related coaching is being reviewed for CPD accreditation, and its full content or any separate modules can be tailored to accomodate the needs of your business, to boost productivity, creativity, efficiency and wellbeing of your employees. It is provided with a focus on specific targets and results that are expected of your team, after complimentary executive assessment coaching session.

FREE taster sessions available.

Click here to request a call back to discuss your options.

Motivation, Focus and Positivity - with Jimmy Petruzzi
29th November - London, 6th December - Manchester
This is evening workshop by Evelina and Jimmy Petruzzi.

With the end of the year approaching, it is easy to get lost in the madness of Christmas shopping, planning family gatherings, reflecting on the year gone by, and make new plans for yet another year ahead. But how to stay grounded and focused, while maintaining your positivity and motivation?

Evelina and Jimmy will show you how!

In this evening workshop, Jimmy will show you ways to keep grounded and build emotional resilience in the midst of modern life turmoil. Evelina will guide you to create future-focused goals and motivation to keep you on track of your direction for the next year.

You will leave with clarity, purpose, and new energy to face your challenges and work towards future goals and intentions.

Book Your Ticket HERE.
29th November 2017 - London, 18.00-21.00
6th December 2017 - Manchester, 18.00-21.00

Venues to be confirmed.
This will be your early Christmas present - the seat is only £5 per person!

Book Your Ticket Here.

Memory, Information Processing, and Brain Health
FREE workshop - introduction to improving your Memory and brain health, 18th November 2017
This is a FREE workshop to introduce you to the background process of our brain for processing information, storing and retrieving memories,  as well as ensuring your long-term memory and brain health for the future.

The aim of this workshop is educational, to share knowledge about how our brain works in terms of processing memories, how memories shape our identities and experiences, and how to prevent age-related brain degenerative diseases.

The workshop will be provided in a cosy, relaxed environment, with the tea/coffee and cake for you to enjoy! There will be plenty of time to answer your questions, learn new things, and indulge in relaxation at the end.

Yoga For Harmony Studio, Windsor:
This event is free, but due to the limited space in the studio, we will require you to book your place in advance.

You can book your place HERE.

Confidence & Public Speaking Service
Personal Coaching and Group workshop to boost your Confidence, eliminate fears of Public Speaking, and become powerful a Presenter!
Confidence is so much more than just being able to speak comfortably on stage!
It is also an ability to face new challenges, meet new people, put ourselves into uncomfortable situations and grow with experience, ability to express yourself and participate in debates and meetings without the fear and remain bulletproof to criticism, and most importantly - true confidence is about going for your dreams and feeling good about yourself regardless of circumstances!

This unique service is here to equip you with tools for confidence, eliminate your negative self-talk that stops you from reaching your potential, and teach you some powerful public speaking skills. It is done in 3 steps:

  • Personal Coaching session to cultivate more positive and resilient mindset, to find your strengths and give you tools to tap into your own resources when you need it the most.
  • Personal Coaching session to uncover and eliminate your own self-limiting beliefs that are sabotaging your success.
  • One-day Group Workshop to give you the best tools for powerful presentations, as well as a chance to present your learnings to the group of like-minded people and be coached within the safety and support of the group. It will take your confidence and public speaking to the next level! 

By joining this service, you will also have a lifetime membership access to the online support group, so you can continue to receive professional advice and share your experiences with like-minded individuals for many years. 

This service is based in Windsor, Berkshire, Sir Cristopher Wren Hotel & Spa, SL4 1PX.
Please contact Evelina if you would like to arrange an alternative location for your personal coaching sessions.
The cost of this service is 450, payable in three instalments of 150 while booking each part separately.
Alternatively, you can book group workshop only, and receive self-study materials in advance to prepare for the session, as well as access to the online support group. The price for this option is 250.
Different payment options and plans available - please contact Evelina for details.


Special Offer!

If you recommend a friend (or few!) who also sign up for this service, all of you will receive -£50 OFF each! (up to 3 discounts per person).
Contact Evelina to receive a discount voucher codes.

Your Journey of Self-Development
Sponfidence - is a resource of inner, spontaneous confidence that enables you to make right decisions and choose right behaviours under any circumstances. It is unique neurological approach developed by Evelina, based on neural pathways of habits, and integration of life coaching skills and therapeutic aspects. This programme was developed out of research to establish why certain people thrive and grow with challenges, while others crumble. Sponfidence is a powerful program of intensive personal development. It is a discovery of your personal values, definition of goals, and building of your inner resilience to face whatever life throws at you. From public speaking to your physical self-image and making plans to achieve your biggest dreams, this is a life changing experience that will help you to build that spontaneous confidence so that you can excel under any circumstances and shape your own future!
Eton, Windsor.
please check locations above for separate events.
Silver Package - 12 months of personal development - £1,850
Gold Package - Silver package, plus free access to MindBoost Course, Confidence and public speaking workshop, and full free access to all BeYourLight events for one year - £2,500
Platinum Package - Gold package, plus Lifetime Access to all events and services, can be reattended anytime - £3,850

NLP International Conference 2017, April 28-30th
Befriending Stress: Sunday 30th April, 16:30
I am delighted to be presenting at NLP International Conference 2017.

In my presentation, I will be using research of interpersonal neurobiology and social sciences to explain how our evolutionary experiences created what we call stress, and why is it a problem in a modern environment. It will include scientific exploration of the evolutionary development of fear and anger as a tool to cope with extreme threats, and how to use this powerful energy to fuel positive outcomes.
I will use demonstrations of physical and neurological exercises that can release certain hormones to balance the states, and will show practical ways of using the body to control the mind, and other way around.

The aim of this session is to enable listeners to acquire deeper knowledge about the evolutionary history of stress, its physical effects on our body in a modern environment, and how this knowledge can be used in practical application to have better controls of our emotional and physical well-being.

For NLP practitioners and therapists that would mean being able to notice different physical signs of stress and guide clients to build resilience to stress, have better body and mind balance, and even use healthy levels of stress to fuel positive intentions.

For people is business and seeking personal transformations, this session would give basic skills to manage levels of stress and change some unhelpful habit of physical working environments, as well as coping tools, including physical postures to counteract effects of stress on the body.

For more information about my presentation and to book your ticket to the conference, click here.

The full program can be found here.

Mindful Hypnotherapy
10 Monthly Saturday sessions starting September 2016
Escaping Stress
17 September, 2016
Better Sleep
15 October, 2016
Information processing and Memory
12 November, 2016
Rebalancing Work and Personal Life
14 January, 2017
Erasing Phobias
18 February, 2017
Anger and Fear
18 March, 2017
22 April, 2017
Building Resilience
13 May, 2017
Love and Attachment: childhood Limiting Beliefs
17 June, 2017
Making your dreams reality: Goal Setting
15 July, 2017
Mindful Hypnotherapy sessions will be at Yoga For Harmony studio in Windsor, 143 Arthur Rd, Windsor, Berkshire SL4 1RU – click here for the map and directions.

For more information about the studio, check their website:
If you choose to attend only a few individual classes of your choice, the price is £25 for the 2-hour session. You can book sessions of your choice online to secure your place, or alternatively you can drop into any of the sessions and pay cash at the event. However, places are limited and cannot be guaranteed without advance booking if the studio is full – please check the availability of your preferred session before you attend. You can contact Evelina here.

! Any topic of the group class is also available as a private coaching session. Price for any topic of past session is £65, for an upcoming topic is £85.

SPECIAL NEW YEAR OFFER: Upgrade your January session (Rebalancing Work and Personal life) into a Personal Coaching Session for no extra cost. Offer valid until the end of January 2017.


If you have any more queries I will be happy to answer it for you:
+44 (0) 7825 163763

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