What others say

Dear Evelina,
I just wanted share with you how much better I am feeling after our last session this week. I cannot believe how different I feel 'on the inside' ......
After your session I felt I had the emotional strength to make a much needed communication with someone I love dearly, but with whom communication has been so troubled recently.  I managed this well, without all the usual nervousness, emotional turmoil  and self doubt.  It was like the old days - no anger/sadness/resentment.  I was just happy to hear his voice.
This much happier contentment I now feel is lasting and I never thought it would. Thank you so much.


I had fear of public speaking till my friend recommended this service. Not only I was helped with my phobia, but also was given practical tips on how to present better and appear more confident. Inspiring and life changing! 

Laura, 37

Mesmerizing  hypnotherapy session! some problems I had now seems ridiculously small and irrelevant when I look back. worked the magic just in one session. seen some other therapists before, and this one was by far the best I have experienced. Expensive, but worth every penny of it. Would definitely recommend! 


I am amazed and inspired by Evelina's ability to listen and draw strength from inside me, bringing out qualities I didn't know I had. I have trusted her with confidential personal issues and she responded with care and understanding. Sometimes this is all you need to get over what you think is life-ending crisis, and Evelina has been right person to talk to. This might have saved my relationship. 

Anna, General Manager

Evelina has helped me to deal with very difficult team situation, where morale was very low due to inexperienced leadership loaded with unrealistic targets. She helped us to identify the problem, facilitated communication between different roles and coached us how to become stronger team by drawing motivating plans instead of our usual performance management. We became much stronger team capable of delivering expected standards, and most importantly - we are happy and have fun at work! 

Charlie, student, 24

I wish I have learnt flash reading techniques when I was at school! it is amazing how our brains can do so much more with a bit of proffessional guidance. Thank you Evelina!

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